Quilt In Clarens
18 June to 21 June 2019

"If life throws you scraps, make a quilt"

SERENITY LANDSCAPE                                            TILLY DE HARDE         

List of requirements



  1.   Sewing machine that must be able to lower the feed dogs or have the little  plate to cover the feed dogs.
  2. Sewing machine must have blind hemstitch.
  3. Extension table and extension lead.
  4. Freezer paper (about 23" long and 33" wide)
  5. Pencil and fine permanent marker (Black)
  6. Pritt glue stick (or glue similar to it)
  7. Spray glue or safety pins
  8. Basic sewing requirements (Scissors, pins etc)
  9. Rotary cutter and cutting mat.
  10. Quilting gloves. Batting, 23" X 33" inches
  11. Backing, 23" X 33" inches
  12. Enough fabric for your facing.
  13. Applique paper (Half a metre. Bring what you have)
  14. Paper scissors
  15. Iron and small ironing board
  16. Polystyrene pin board about 80cm X 55cm
  17. If you have Inktense paint blocks or -pencils or any fabric paint or permanent markers but please don't go and buy….it's very expensive and completely optional.
  18. THREADS:


  1. FEET:
  • Walking foot.
  • Foot that you use when you sew blind hem stitch
  • Quarter inch foot
  • Open toe free motion embroidery foot (Darning foot)
  • Jeans needles (or whatever strong needles you have)
(I'm sticking to the colours on my quilt so that it is easy for you to see what I'm talking about when I suggest fabrics for your quilt. Please replace the colours on my quilt with your own colours. Mark your fabrics the same as I marked mine so that it's easy to start cutting. Remember that fabrics closest to the viewer, have bigger designs on and as the hills recede, the designs/pattern on the fabric is smaller until there is no pattern on it at all.)

This is what you will need: (The measurement for the different fabrics is an estimation. Make sure that you have bigger rather than smaller pieces of fabric) 26" x 7" Plain light grey for water (1 and 3) 32" X 9" Green/brown mottled (with medium size designs on) for foreground (2) 24" X 3" Lighter brown/green for middleground (4) 17" X 10" Brown/ green for big hill on the right (5) and different but similar colour for 18" X 4" medium size hill on left (6) 19" X 10" Dark (as in charcoal dark) grey (7) 19"X 5" Dark but lighter than charcoal grey (8) 10" X 3" Lighter than previous grey (9) 12" X 4" Light grey (10) 6"x 3" Lighter grey and (11) 10" X 3" Lightest grey for furthest hills (12 and 13) For the sky, 8" X 32" a plain batik with sunset colours (mine is just one piece with orange and blue.) (14) Fat quarter Black or very dark brown for trees Scraps for tall grass and reeds in foreground.)