Quilt In Clarens
18 June to 21 June 2019

"If life throws you scraps, make a quilt"


Class requirements:



  1. Twelve different pieces of fabric cut into strips of plus minus 15 inches long and one and a quarter inches wide (you can bring it along and cut here if you prefer but it is better to come prepared in order to save time). Some can be narrower but try not to make them too narrow. I find lots of different motifs work well such as a couple of fabrics with stripes, some with small spots and some just plain. Please note: large motifs do not work. Narrow ribbons in a 'blingy' colour (gold/silver) are absolutely stunning and work the best in this class! If you want to add some lace or shiny threads for couching, feel free to bring that along as well. A bit of bling adds interest but make sure that it is in strips of 15".  No strips with beads and no sequined strips please.
  2. A fat quarter in a complementing, plain colour. (I find that darker colours e.g. dark navy/black/dark purple etc work the best to show off your work) The little blocks that you are going to make will be sewn on top of this piece. Use a colour that will NOT blend in with your strips, you want to show off your little blocks on it.
  3. A piece of appliqué paper about the same size as a fat quarter.
  4. Interesting machine threads e.g. embroidery threads, some variegated threads, some bright or shiny thread for couching, some metallic thread. Some can be contrasting colours or very bright colours. Remember to bring matching needles e.g. Metallic needles for metallic thread, embroidery needles for embroidery thread
  5. Sewing machine that must be able to zig-zag or have built in decorative stitches.
  6. A cutting mat that is big enough to cut a fat quarter on. Bring a bigger one rather than a too small one.
  7. A roller cutter with sharp blade.
  8. A long ruler.
  9. A sharp pencil and a marker to draw lines on your fat quarter. (PLEASE NOTE: FRIXION PENS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR THIS CLASS)
  10. A flat box to put your pieces in.
  11. A box of pins.
  12. A temporary ironing board (I use a piece of polystyrene, wrapped in an old towel) an iron and a Teflon sheet or a sheet of parchment paper.
  13. An extension lead.
  14. Basic sewing kit (Scissors, extra bobbins etc.)
  15. Bring your bobbins that you want to empty as no one is going to see the back of your work. Any colour thread is suitable for the back.
  16. Masking tape.


(Please note that there is no kit for this class)