Quilt In Clarens
18 June to 21 June 2019

"If life throws you scraps, make a quilt"

THREAD PAINTING: ANIMALS                                            MARI STRYDOM         


Have you ever wanted to make a stunning quilt?  Well in this workshop we are going to make an animal, using the thread painting technique. We will master various techniques such as building a background and "painting" the squirrel/cat with your sewing machine. Even a beginner can thread paint using my technique. You don't need to draw at all!  And on top of it all - the animal will be 3D!  Don't be afraid! This is new, exciting and lots of fun!  Give the painter in you an opportunity to emerge and the result will be mind blowing!


 2 days


All levels, but need to have some free-motion sewing experience


Min 10

Max 20


  1. 50 x 50 cm calico
  2. Lots en lots of scrap fabric - The more the better for creating the forest in green and browns
  3. 50 x 50 cm fine black netting
  4. 40 x 40 cm canvas fabirc
  5. Enough needles (machine 80 Embroidery
  6. Sewing Machine
  7. Free motion foot/darning foot
  8. Extension cord, 15 amp plug or adaptor
  9. The following threads to do the squirrel thread painting:

  • Gutermann col 1225 (variegated)
  • Gutermann col 1833 (variegated)
  • Gutermann col 4010 (variegated)
  • Gutermann col 4011 (variegated)
  • Gutermann col 4006 (variegated)
  • Gutermann col 4107 (variegated)
  • Gutermann col 40099 (variegated)
  • Seralon col 0380 (dark beige)
  • Seralon col 0975 (dark brown)
  • Seralon col 9420 (green)
  • Seralon col 0163 (rust)
  • Seralon col 9816 (khaki)
  • Seralon col 1008(grey)