Quilt In Clarens
18 June to 21 June 2019

"If life throws you scraps, make a quilt"




 2 days

I had an instruction from Alae Grabe to make a New York Beauty Quilt for 2019.  In May 2018 we visited Potchie's gallery in Stellenbosch and all the vibrant colors and bicycles inspires me.  Back home I started this quilt:  Porchie's Influence. 

In class I will help you choose the colors of your quilt, using the color wheel. 

I will teach you to do paper foundation piecing which is very accurate.  It is quick because there is no need for cutting patches with templates. The fabric pieces are cut in rough shapes and trimmed as they are stitched to the paper foundations.  The paper foundation piecing patchwork block design is drawn on a piece of paper the exact size of the block.  Each patch shape on the paper is numbered to indicate the sequence in which the patches should be stitched.

To finish the quilt I will show you to do a single crosscut binding.


Decide on a main color and look what color is the opposite color( for ex: blue for main color and the opposite color is orange; and a color next to them for example purple and use ± 3 and more different values in the same color range:  light, bright, dark, dots, multi color,  etc.
Fat quarters and quarter runners is better than half a meter of the same fabric.  Try a good variety and lots of different fabrics in the same color scheme for interest.
For the centre of the blocks and some outer quarter circles I use large scale fabrics for example Kaffe Fasset's fabrics or just big scale fabrics.  The rest is small scale and solids which works well  with the spikes otherwise it disappear. 
 The background is multi colored, dark tone down fabric of the main color scheme.
Stay away from white and cream especially in the backgrounds of fabrics.
Use the photo of the quilt as an example.

± 7 big scale 1/2 fat quarters
± 12 different 1/2 fat quarters in main color 
± 8 x 1/2 fat quarters of opposite of main color, also different
± 5 x 1/2 fat quarters of other color
Scraps not smaller than 4 x 4 inches of your choice
1 m dark multi color background fabric
½ m binding (we cut it crosswise)
……. Batting
……. Backing

Perforating cutter / tracing wheel
Rotary cutter, 12" ruler and mat
12½" Square template (if you had one)
Sewing machine and sharp needles universal 90/14
An open toe foot (#20 Bernina) or a clear plastic foot
Natural colored thread, matches the fabric (better use the darker color)
Bobbin with the same thread
Paper and fabric scissors
6"/12" Add-A-Quarter Ruler (not a must)
Color pencils
Small ironing board and iron
Milky adhesive tape
Basic sewing notions
Electric cord, double plug and 2 point plug if necessary for your machine