Quilt In Clarens
18 June to 21 June 2019

"If life throws you scraps, make a quilt"

SCRAPPY FISH                                            MARI STRYDOM         

Have you ever wanted to make an innovative quilt from your scrap basket? Do you want to create your quilt without any appliqué and ironing? Well in this workshop we are going to create your masterpiece by fussy cutting flowers, shapes etc. and only use glue to attach these pieces to your background. No need for expensive appliqué paper!  It is easy and simple and the focus is on creativity. You will receive a manual with different fish parts to create your unique fish. No two fish are going to be alike. Create, play and enjoy the workshop while you learn how to assemble your fish, about the use of colour, how to create movement and how to put the emphasis on your work. This is a workshop with no strict rules.  It is addictive, easy and the results are spectacular! You won't be able to stop using this technique once you've start using it!


 1 days


All levels


Min 10

Max 20



  • Black permanent market
  • Pencil
  • 25" x 25" (60cm x 60cm) background fabric (sea or water fabric) if you don't want to create your own background OR 25" x 25" (60cm x 60cm) calico fabric to create your own background on top
  • Various fabrics to create picture and background
 *fabrics with shapes, flowers, interesting designs, flowing lines and circles
 *batik fabrics are a good choice
 *blue coloured fabrics to create the water
  • 2 x A3 sheets white paper ( or 4 x A4 sheets)
  • Gluepen - A must
  • Additional glue pen refills
  • Small bottle of fabric glue
  • Sewing machine
  • Open toe and darning machine feet
  • Embroidery or ordinary machine thread in different colours
  • Leads
  • 50 cm stitch & tear
  • 50 cm fine black tulle (optional for free motion quilting)
  • Quilter's safety pins.
  • Needles (machine 80 Quilting)
  • Extension cord, 15 amp plug or adaptor
  • Basic sewing equipment e.g. pins, needles, rotary cutter, cutting mat etc.