Quilt In Clarens
18 June to 21 June 2019

"If life throws you scraps, make a quilt"

Miniature Sampler

Quilt size 12" x 141/2" Finished block size: 2"

I will teach you to make a beautiful miniature quilt and many tips with these small pieces. You will learn to make accurate 2½” squares in paper foundation piecing easily.  We will sew them together with thin sashings and finish the quilt with a mitered second border.


± 10 fat eights 
Tip:  Fabrics for miniature quilts is very fine prints and solids because the pieces are small and with wrong fabric the pattern will disappear!
1 light fat quarter for background
1” X 90” sashings
1” X 50” first border
2½” X 70” second border
1¼” X 70” binding
12” X 16” thin batting or flannel washed and ironed
13” X 17” backing
Perforating cutter or tracing wheel
Rotary cutter, 12” ruler and mat
Sewing machine and Universal 90/14 needles
An open toe foot (#Bernina) or a clear plastic foot
Natural colored thread matches the fabric
Bobbin with the same thread
Paper and fabric scissors
6” Add-Quarter-Ruler (not a must)
Color pencils
Small ironing board and iron
Milky adhesive tape
Basic sewing notions
Electric cord, double plug and 2 point plug if necessary for your machine